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Island Pharmaceuticals is a drug research and repurposing company, focused on developing preventative or therapeutic drugs for viral infections. The Company has a lead program in dengue that was initially developed by Island’s wholly owned subsidiary, Isla Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (a company incorporated in the United States, referred to as Isla US).

Isla US is currently advancing its lead drug candidate “Isla101” towards a Phase 2 clinical trial in dengue infected subjects. Isla101 also has the potential to be used to prevent or treat a number of viruses including dengue, Zika and chikungunya, and other diseases rife in tropical climates. It could potentially displace vaccines.

Assuming Isla101 is given approval by the FDA, and certain other criteria are met, Isla US will be eligible to obtain a “Priority Review Voucher” at the time of approval. This means that as well as getting approval to commercialize Isla101, the Priority Review Voucher (PRV) will permit Isla US to expedite the FDA approval process for a new drug or sell the PRV to a third party. A recent PRV issued to Australian company Medicines Development for Moxidectin, an FDA-approved treatment for onchocerciasis, has been subsequently purchased by Novo Nordisk.

It is anticipated that ILA will list on the ASX during April 2021.