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Anyone else still following this stock?

I hold parcels in both my trading account and longer term investment account so take my view with a grain of salt as currently I’m biased:).

Technically looks to be forming a base with $6.00 very good support – my trading parcel is based off this, want to see a break and hold (consolidation) above $7.00 and eventually $7.50 for a continued bullish view.

Fundamentally (not my strong point so will be pretty basic). They have just released some good half FY figures and look to be in a very strong position atm even considering they are in a market that could be hit very hard by the economic downturn (this is the only concern I have) but atm they have a very strong order book.

-Not a large amount of shares on issue – about 84 million

-Very low debt levels

-Strong cash position

-Currently doing a share buyback (while most other companies are issuing shares to raise money)

-Very good yield atm.

If they can weather the current storm without blowing its cash and keeping its debt levels low it could be a very good long term yield stock with good growth potential as well (my investment account). The next 6-12 months will be interesting.