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@ducati916, I like the idea. I’ve condensed you bullet points with a “slight arrangement” for added clarity.

Item (5)
(a) What criteria will you use to “Select the ones that I like best”? or
(b) Will it be discretionary?
(c) With Amibroker, “PositionScore” handles this procedure for us. (Ranking of signals)

No discretionary for me
The 50/50 – 80 rule scares me to death.

50/50 – 80 rule
The 50/50-80 rule simply states – when there is a 50% chance of getting it right (given the choice of the call) you will be wrong 80% of the time. Meaning I wouldn’t trust myself making a discretionary call (I don’t process those skills – where I believe you do).

Image this
Could you imagine leaving a trading decision in my hands?