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So I’m looking to put a few $$ into this mob, but first want to put a few thoughts out there :)

I can see these guys have a big future with the power generation companies, as in leasing / selling their batteries to utility companies as a way to smooth out demand and as a way for the power gen co’s to store cheap power to offload at time of high prices.

It’s a lot quicker to send a command over the internet to ramp up supply than to bring in an overpaid shift at the coal fired power station to start feeding the furnace.;) (ie only make power at normal time rates)

But… it’s with the upcoming residential mum and dad power suppliers that has me a little bit concerned – …
The made in Australia has weight with the big supply companies – but IMO very little with the normal joe blow out there.

Does REdFlow have any proprietary tech? what’s to stop mister China Man Co. from bringing out a very cheap version of this product? Apart from the control electronics and inverter tech is there anything special about Redflow batteries other than the CEO’s industry contacts??

If China comes up with an industry standard for replaceable electrodes, and supplies these cheap why would the domestic market chose redflow over cheaper generic suppliers? Would Redflow be worth a 2K premium?

What are peoples thoughts on Households selling power – is there enough money in it to warrant battery leasing deals for consumers / small suppliers?

Still thinking, Too many questions meh.