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Re: BGS – Birimian Gold

Does anyone have this stock on their watchlist? I am looking to buy monday at 0.026 if it does not gap. I wish i caught it before it rocketed past its 21 day EMA.

not much has been posted on bgs tano
have held some from mid teens, happen to like the story and the connection to randgold and sprott, in a known gold province.it was the papillon (pir) research that led me to bgs-and have some confidence in the area-if you check out the morila mine that is very close, it may show the potential, so for me its a punt on being in on the ground floor as it were.of course, nothing guaranteed in the markets! but gold has bounced a little, and seems that sentiment has changed for the better.
was 1.9 cents a few sessions back, so some have caught on-as drilling results come through, i think there may be a bit more interest.
sprott management are bullish on gold, and on west african goldies- and birimian does get a mention.
i have done a bit of research on randgolds early morila exploration, seen the proximity for bgs, and invested accordingly.
hope you got some at 2.5 tano, and good luck-perhaps the thread will get a bit of dialogue.