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I guess they have probably popped up again then… For the second time in a month this is trying hard to break out. The good news is starting to flow – the Glypromate first phase 3 trial is going to wrap up much faster due to better quality of data (doesn’t necessarily mean better result, just more statistical precision) but then the latest announcement is a beauty

“Neuren Pharmaceuticals (ASX:NEU) announced today that Glypromate and NNZ-2566 for neuro-protection in cardio-pulmonary bypass and traumatic brain injury (TBI) have been selected as one of the Top 10 most promising neuroscience projects available for partnering by an independent committee assembled by Windhover Information, a leading provider of business information products and services to senior executives in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.”

Background on this is that guys behind NEU wrote the book on how brain cells die. Interestingly enough, it is not an instantaneous deal – it happens in about three phases over many hours after the event. And they have been working on ways to interfere with the dying process.

The compounds likely to star are those mentioned above. Glypromate is first cab off the rank with possible commercialisation just a trial away… It is being applied to heart bypass surgery because (dirty litttle medical secret here) so many patients come out of surgery with… ahemm… impaired faculties and it is quite some time before they recover. No doubt there will be other applications to follow – this is simply the easiest to prove and not to hard to sell – “Now sir, before we operate, would you like to take the little pill that stops your brain from aging 30 years in the next 30 hours?” I don’t imagine there would be too many refusals to that pitch…

The other star compound is NN2566 – interesting enough for the US Department of Defence to get in on the act and contribute funds and trial support. It appears it could find some use in treating shell shocked troopers and any other poor soul who takes a nasty blow to the head.

Potential market size looks appealing, but even more appealing is the lack of competition. There doesn’t seem to be anyone else working this territory. Comparison to the “gold standard of treatment” is somewhat easier when there is no other treatment…

They have a bunch of other compounds at various stages of development. None of this sounds as sexy as a cure for HIV or for cancer (although they have some good stuff going on there), but the odds of getting compounds to market feel a lot higher than for companies in those crowded fields.

Confession time – I love the potential of this company but I may be biased… this is the only biotech I hold, and I only got in to them on account of a news story I saw on their cancer work (at a time when my nearest and dearest was fighting the good fight):( Thereafter I considered them as great if it comes off, but otherwise I was happy to write off my investment as a donation to a worthy cause… Anyway, now it is happy days for my N&D and all I see is blue sky… Doesn’t really rate as a sound investment strategy but I’m happy:):):):)