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G’day Al,
I have been watching Lake since May this year. Made some profit off and on their rise.
Got caught out after buying around .084 and dumping at .064, ouch.
2/3 of my current stock purchased at .042 (around 2 months ago) with the other third at .031 about a fortnight ago. A recent SPP was at 0.032 by my dodgy memory.
The support hasn’t been there since the SPP and slowly but surely, weak hands sellers dumped. As you might when the SP was around .040 at the time… buggers.
However, there seems to be a shift in attitudes yesterday and whilst the support is still shaky, the resistance above .030 has dissipated.
Looking forward/ hoping to seeing it get past the current resistance at .030 and then some!
Just need the bargain hunters to find it now! :D;):cool: Any takers?