HPC – The Hydration Pharmaceuticals Company

Hydralyte North America is a consumer products company that markets and sells a range of liquid, tablet and powder Healthy Hydration Solutions products into the North American markets of Canada and the United States, under the Hydralyte brand.

The “Hydralyte” brand was founded in Australia in 2001 and grew to be a leading supplier of hydration products in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Hydralyte North America was formed in 2014 after the Company sold its business, the “Hydralyte” brand and exclusive distribution rights for the “Hydralyte” branded products in Australia and New Zealand to Care Pharmaceuticals. Following a further sale of IP in additional territories to Care Pharmaceuticals in 2020, Hydralyte North America has retained the exclusive rights to the “Hydralyte” brand in North and South America, Europe (except Turkey) and China (except Taiwan but including Hong Kong). Current business operations are focused on the United States and Canada. The business is headquartered in San Diego in the United States.

It is anticipated that HPC will list on the ASX during December 2021.