WOW – Who Are The Dumbest: The Management Or The Shareholders For Voting Them In?

G’day piggybank, good to see you posting again.

Another great Aussie company where the board has “screwed the pooch”!

Hmm, Fresh Food People eh?
If WOW actually did have fresh produce then I’d be consuming WOW’s products.

Woolies, although not alone, want to centralise their meat processing in VIC:


Beef Central

I had the dis-pleasure of having to buy one of their prepackage leg of lambs for Aussie Day. The stench of rotting meat was more than noticeable. Amazing what garlic and rosemary can disguise…
What erks me is that we in remote/regional areas struggle enough as it is. Now more jobs will go.

Since WOW started running out of meat and then prepackaging some of their meat lines sometime ago, the local butchers get a regular visit from me.

Another example of the NOT Fresh Food People.
As a matter of convenience, my partner bought a bag of carrots from WOW a week ago. We used the carrots we needed and then duly placed said carrots in one of those “stay fresh” bags (that work so well ) and then put the carrots into the crisper of our very modern fridge.
Lo and behold, the very next day all, each and every carrot was marred by a black darking (similar to how carrots oxidise went grated and left in the open air) all over each carrot. Partner took them back, along with receipt and complained, was given the third degree but WOW did replace them in the end.

Surely if WOW stood by its slogan there’d be no need for a survey and WOW would have kept its #1 tag. Good on Coles/WES for sticking it to them.

Re. the survey in general. I’m not sure I’m alone on this but the way WOW wants to have its grubby little fingers in every pie that touches our hip pocket simple leaves me cold and disgusted. Especially when the food we eat is compromised by corporate greed.

With competition from Coles/WES, Aldi, Costco and others, surely the board would have been better to spend on keeping WOW’s position at the top of the food chain.

I gotta laugh at #3 of “MY STRATEGIC PRIORITIES”
WOW drove Dick Smith into the ground and have had a spectacular bleed with Masters.

Like PB, we too have been doing the bulk of our shopping away from WOW. If fact, you could say that we boycott them as a matter of principle.