LNG: Australia vs. Qatar? Pluto vs. Gorgan?

So yesterdays AFR was talking about how Australia is not fit to be in the LNG game as Qatar has reserves that make Gordan look like an ant! oh have a look at todays paper, ‘Australia may challenge Qatar for the top spot’ for LNG. Yes we could but not when Qatar is in production phase.

Australia is ahead of production and we see Pluto(WPL) punchin in with first production to commence at the end of next year, PNG, gladstone and then Gordan(Chev,Exx,Shell). Oh and when Qatar comes in lets hope LNG prices dont fall as Gladstone and Curtin island will be upset.

30 years they waited and now they are there. Woodside you had your fun, Now its their turn. I wouldnt be surprised if there was a takeover offer from/either ExxonMobile, Chevron and Shell.

Does Pluto (WPL LNG plant) have a slight chance against Gordan? My research is No, unless there are substanstal reserves. BUT with Australia’s LNG reserves do you think they stand a chance against 833 trillion cubic feet of reserves in Qatar?…. ok maybe Aus and PNG combined can take up the Top spot!

So where do I invest now? Should I enter in WPL, Santos and Oil Search or go into Shell, Exxon and Chev? :confused: