China on our doorstep | Aussie Stock Forums

So China propped us up, due to its benevolent nature? You are joking aren’t you, do you think they didn’t need the materials they bought from us. I mean you certainly have a unique way of looking at things.

Or it may not have happened as China’s ascendance has only happened over the last 25 years and the opportunity and their lack of capability may have factored in to the equation. But don’t let logics blur your reasoning.
It was only 20 years ago China was buying a scrapped aircraft carrier to tow it around to their shipyard for a panel and paint job, so as i said they were in no position to do sod all 20 years ago, now things are considerably different. So your comment actually doesn’t make any sense unfortunately .

Absolutely and I did say history is littered with examples of where countries that are stronger in a financial and military sense, take over control of countries that have resources the want. I don’t know why you have an issue with it, why should China be any different, that is the question.

Africa is a hotbed of political and social dysfunction, which I am sure you are aware of, also the population is large, tribal and in constant conflict, Australia is a much easier target.

China may well move to chip dominance, but as yet they haven’t, so that is your belief and you as I am entitled to our own beliefs and predictions.