“Blink” Thinking without thinking | Aussie Stock Forums

One of the greatest skills a Trader / Investor can have is Decisive Decision Making.
Id go one step further and argue that it is one of life’s most important skill/ability.

Ive always noticed how complex many of us make most decisions. The more at
stake the deeper we tend to delve–the more deliberate and calculating we tend
to become. Does it serve us well???

Humans have always fascinated me, particularly the way we think. Its one of the things
that drew me to Trading with technical analysis, a graphical representation of human
behavior,for each chart we look at.

BLINK will either have you nodding in recognition of how you actually do think or
mesmerized by how you actually do think. Either way it will help many.

I have it on Audible (Like many others). If you’re a thinking human then You’ll Love it.

“Blink” By Malcolm Gladwell

It will help you in all aspects of life.