Potential Breakout Alerts! | Aussie Stock Forums

Hey Kennas,

Great idea. I noticed a few posters got lashed for doing this in the ‘outstanding alert’ thread, so probably apt to start another..

I’m not a analyst by any strech of the imagination, so please go a little easy.. :D

I’m assuming here that we can call a ‘short’ breakout, so I’ll tip IAG at the minute as shareholders have just been offered up to approx 1000 shares at $5.50 after a fairly big insto take up somewhere between $5.10 – 5.50. As the SP is sitting around the $6.10 – 6.20 mark I’m expecting many to sell shares (at least a thousand of them) at these prices and pick them back up at the placement price. This seemed to take place in the T3 placement so I’m simply assuming something similar will occur.

Then again I’ve been wrong more times than right, and, despite reading a few of the more basic books, the logic of the market just stuns me sometimes..

Would appreciate others opinions..