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There’s something not right with RBL.

Maybe it’s the fact it’s a younger stock? It’s a longer term yo-yo.
Like, up 100% over a year late 2017-2018, then down 100% again over 2018, then up 100% 2019 and now down again 100% and then 2020…?
With the current volatile climate, I am not surprised with the rapid decline, I would be surprised if it went back up 100% before Christmas or anything before Q2, 2020 though.
The bubble burst… again.
I don’t hold, and haven’t so I definitely don’t have any psychological aversion on this one.
Just reading the charts.
If it goes back up hard, soon, some clever musicians/ artists have banded together cause they usually struggle along financially in life whilst people enjoy there offerings.
When was the last time you gave to a busker?
Is anyone on this bandwagon?
Jockey’s whip horses to go faster, punters whip stocks for the same purpose. Whip until stiff peaks form…