RHC – Ramsay Health Care

So it seems you have taken what was clearly a joke, note the smilie, as offence. It was not the intention. :1zhelp:

If you are looking for advice you should not look at forums. It appears you have no trading methodology, plan or belief system about the market. You may be a random walker, I don`t know. Clearly you would not be seeking comfort from people who may well be taking the money out of your pockets.

Here`s how it goes: This is all for you, dispense I will, however I don`t know your holding intention, your trading plan, methodolgies etc. So, whatever I say will be useless because it is only suited to me and the way I view the market, stock etc. I have a trading plan, methodolgies, convictions etc.

Your comments prior:

rule 1: don`t fall in love with companies.

So if you look to fundamentals why buy and sell so much? The fundamental time frame is generally longer – investing.

I suggest you decide which you want to be: a speculator or investor. Then you can get some education re: the technical approach. Be warned it is a minefield of hit and miss approaches, then there is the mechanical vs discretionary debate etc.

For me:

RHC was becoming a buy before the announcement, but after, it was clearly not a buy. But this doesn`t mean much as I have pointed out above.

Next time give something to work with and we can have a real good chat.

Take care now.

Snake :)