WOA – Wide Open Agriculture

WOA has ~70 million shares on issue, with the Top 20 holding approximately 80% of the company.

Current market cap is ~9 million AUD.

WOA is a vertically integrated food and agriculture business and the world’s only publicly listed company adhering to the ‘4 Returns’ mechanism pioneered by the Commonland foundation in the Netherlands.

In early June, initial domestic sales of regenerative, grass fed beef and lamb launched and were pulling in $9000/week.

The online sales portal is about to launch in mid-August. https://www.dirtycleanfood.com.au/

Targeting Singapore next.


There is a general trend towards more vegetarian protein production because meat production, and beef especially, is resource intensive. This is evidenced by the IPO of “Beyond Meat” in the US which now has a market cap valuation of 13 billion USD.

WOA will soon be introducing their own Australian plant-based burger.



The plant-based ‘meat alternative’ market is undoubtedly going to continue to grow rapidly over the next couple of decades, and will no longer be relegated to the domain of left-wing millennials.

Karen Formanski, an analyst at Mintel who authored a consumer research report on plant-based protein, said there were no signs of the meat alternatives market slowing, with 38% of U.S. consumers trying to add more plant-based protein to their diet.

Separate to the plant-based burger market, WOA has initiated plans for industrial hemp grown under a smart, protected cropping system in WA. After the trials, WOA intends to provide its own branded hemp-food products, for the healthy snack market, worth $17 billion globally.


For the low market cap of $9 million, this company will be easy on your wallet and easy on your conscience. You will be contributing to the revitalization of our natural environment.

Just my $0.02 – good to see @Ann here also.