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growth plans

– market cap under $20M
Use of Funds
The funds raised will be used for working capital to deliver against new product development, fund working capital requirements for retail partnerships and to further accelerate the Company’s growth through investment in a range of sales and marketing initiatives. Proceeds from the issue will also enable the Company to further progress partnership discussions and conduct due diligence on prospective partnership and M&A opportunities.

Since the acquisition of Edible Beauty in 2022, Live Verdure has received an increased number of local and international inquiries regarding companies looking to be acquired by or partnering with LV1. These enquiries span a broad range of sectors within the complementary health, wellness, and beauty industry, including some that incorporate groundbreaking technology, or leverage artificial intelligence into their offerings in order to deliver human resource and digital marketing optimizations and other growth driving solutions to LV1 Brands.

As Live Verdure looks to the future, staying cognizant of retail trends and global developments, we are continuing to assess the enquiries for the right opportunity; one that will complement the existing brands, deliver top line growth whilst also raising the profit profile of the Company.
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